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Use cases for anonymous E-mail communication

If you are using one and the same address more then once in order to send or receive your E-mail, you are "creating" an identity with it. In the following you will find notes about web mail services as well as some web services designed to improve your privacy.

Remailer - Sending E-mails from disposable addresses

If you want to send E-mails, but do not want to reveal your identity to the addressee or a third party, the best thing is using an anon remailer. Some mixmaster remailer offer a web interface. If the addressee has a contact form on his web-site, of course, you may use rather that one.

Temporary and disposableE-mail accounts

This topic as moved to online help: Use Disposable Email Addresses

Webmail providers: Security and Privacy

JonDos recommendation for trusted mail providers you may find in our online help together with a tutorial How to use Mozilla Thunderbird with JonDonym. It is more comfortable and for JonDonym premium users less expensive to use an email client rather than the overloaded webinterfaces of some mail providers.

Provides a personal E-mail address, requires registration, most services also personal data. Most of them need cookies to login, as well as they do use JavaScript, but still work without too, with some minor or bigger limitations and annoyances. Even if the server pressures you to enable JS or "upgrade your browser", it may be able to work without. To use your account without JS make sure to always login with JS off, otherwise the server, when it finds JS available at one time, may switch into a JS-friendly mode that is difficult to get rid off again. Also it is possible that a service will require JavaScript on registration only (abuse prevention), but later work without. List of services (without pointing privacy issues): TheFreeCountry Forum thread: 4306 (German).


  • Only reading of emails is HTTPS encrypted. You will send emails without HTTPS encryption.
  • One of the earliest providers
  • Cookies: required
  • Javascript for and required, additional for for some functions.

  • Registration only possible with German IP address.
  • An e-mail address is required for registration, temporary mail addresses were possible
  • German language only, E-mail only for people living in Germany, Austria or Switzerland
  • Javascript not needed, session cookies required
  • Mobile webinteface at

  • German free mail provider
  • An e-mail address is required for registration, temporary mail addresses were possible
  • Session-cookies required
  • Mobile webinteface at

  • Registration only possible with German IP address.
  • German language only, E-mail only for people living in Germany, Austria or Switzerland
  • Also web search and news portal (posting comments and viewing videos do need JS)
  • Cookies: required
  • Works with Firefox, but not Opera (?)
  • Javascript: Pressures the user to enable ("your browser is not supported"), but works mostly, still not fully, without
  • Free of cost as long as it works for you, support is only by phone, 3 Euro/min
  • Last test: 2011-10

GMail (NOT recommended!)

  • All messages (incoming and outgoing) are indexed by Google. Informations from indexing are connected with other collected informations (search engine usage, websites with Google ads visited by the user....)
  • Deleted emails are not removed from the server, only marked as not visible.
  • Google cooperates with the CIA in the Future of Web Monitoring. The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) tries to get informations about a Google/NSA partnership, but did not get an answer. May e-mails will be mirrored to NSA in future like the search queries database.

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