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Discussion here.

Well, I'd like to see the release dates AnonymousTerrorist 2010-June-10 | 01:06 (UTC)

Also, the "show bots" is still off meaning that effectively no edits are visible in the recent changes.

About the recent "improvements" (slow, blocked, CAPCHA), sorry to answer here, but I'm apparently banned from the forum:

- CAPCHA: sucks, but if it prevents abuse and improves functionality, it may be acceptable (but not 10 min, set 40 min at least)

- about slow: the theoretical 100/50/30 is frequently irrelevant as I get cca 5 to 10, so please keep the 50, and fight the abuse elsewhere

- & Co blocked because of spam: :-( solution wanted (blocking is not a solution)

- flat rate: DON'T do this, it would just attract pirates

- Idea: in free exit mixes block RAR MP3 WMA WMV AVI MP4 files. Pirates are ways too stupid to switch to other (more free) file formats :-D

AnonymousTerrorist 2010-June-10 | 01:18 (UTC)


- I don't like the removal of the global listener as I'm using this feature at home (multiple computer - but only one serving as anonymizer).

 Would it be enough to remove this option from the GUI but still have the command line flag (-l [host][:port]) for 'power' users???
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