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JonDoConsole software collection

Thanks + Bugs

Thanks for releasing this. Problems left: 1. There are 2 Wiki pages subjecting to the same thing 2. It needs Java and even worse the one included with GUI JAP is not good (bizzarre exception) 3. has some Java but too much - please write what Java to download or even better mirror it at your page 4. What about compiling a native binary, or is it impossible with Java? 5. "Balance 0 Bytes" is not updated when connected 6. Autoswitch is ON (same fault as in the GUI) 7. The total size of JonDoConsole.jar + Java is very big, even bigger that full JAP GUI installer, not what one would expect. Maybe some smaller Java or removing some stuff (non-English languages, maybe more) from the archive would help. 8. It takes long time before services are found (same problem in the GUI) AnonymousTerrorist 02:57, 20 June 2010 (UTC)

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