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JonDonym Users (feel free to create and add helpful articles here)

  • Benefits: It is possible to harm you in manifold ways using the data you left behind while using the Internet. The Benefits describe specific risks, which the IP-anonymization provided by JonDonym is protecting you against.
  • Applications usable with JonDo: There are a a lot of applications you might use while using JonDo, especially if you are connected to premium services.

Mix Proxy Operators

JonDonym works in a different way than Tor or I2P. You cannot start a mix server and hope, you will be part of the anonymous proxy service. You have to become a verified mix operator first. The mix server software is distributed only as source code. You have to compile it by yourself. For configuration help we provide the MixConfigTool.

  1. How to become a Mix Operator
    1. Become a Mix Operator
  2. How to setup and prepare your Server
    1. Linux Server
    2. FreeBSD and Jails
  3. Mix Installation Guide
    1. Mix Installation (Source for Linux)
    2. Mix Installation (Debian and Ubuntu)
    3. Mix Installation (FreeBSD Jail)
  4. How to configure the Mix Server
    1. Mix Server Configuration Guide

PDF books: Mix Operator Guide (Linux), Mix Operator Guide (FreeBSD), FreeBSD Setup Guide

JonDonym Developers

  • Sources and Programming Standards:
    • Programming Standards The document contains some important rules that code developers should follow to ensure a good cooperation and readability.
    • JonDo sources JonDo developer information and sources.
    • JonDoFox sources JonDoFox developer information and sources.
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