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JonDonym Users

Registered users can edit subpages of this section and add helpful content. Registration is free and does not need personal data.

Information for JonDo and JonDoFox users

  1. Why using JonDonym - Benefits
  2. Use cases for anonymous e-mail communication
  3. Other use cases and compatible web pages
  4. Security notes for anonymous web surfing
  5. Alternative browser configuration
  6. With JonDonym compatible applications
  7. With JonDonym not compatible applications

FAQ for JonDo and JonDoFox

  1. JonDo FAQ
  2. JonDoFox FAQ

JonDoConsole (GUI less client for JonDonym)

For all of you who do not like those fancy GUIs we have a console client, JonDoConsole, as well. It is a JonDonym client with simple console interface and it offers a telnet interface for remote control. At the moment we offer two software versions of the JonDoConsole:

  1. JonDoConsole.jar is a Java application for Winows, Linux and MacOS.
  2. jondodaemon is a package for Debian and Ubuntu. You can install it from our software repository.

Additional privacy related HowTos

  1. Censorship-free DNS servers

Mix Proxy Operators

You cannot start a mix server and hope, you will be part of the anonymous proxy service. You have to become a verified mix operator first. All you need to know about certification, software setup and so on you may find here ->.

JonDonym Developers

  1. JonDo/JonDoFox Changelogs:
    1. JonDo changelog (stable version)
    2. JonDo changelog (beta version)
    3. JonDoFox extension for Firefox
    4. JonDoFox profile for Firefox
  2. JonDo/JonDoFox Sources and Programming Standards:
    1. Programming Standards The document contains some important rules that code developers should follow to ensure a good cooperation and readability.
    2. JonDo sources JonDo developer information and sources.
    3. JonDoFox sources JonDoFox developer information and sources.
    4. JonDoFox developer version The current alpha version of the next JonDoFox release
  3. Mix server Sources and Information
    1. SVN sources & Versions / Revisions
  4. Research
  5. Publications
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