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** [[FreeBSD and Jails]]
** [[FreeBSD and Jails]]
*'''Mix Installation Guide'''
*'''Mix Installation Guide'''
** [[Mix Installation (Source/Linux)]]
** [[Mix Installation (Source for Linux)]]
** [[Mix Installation (Debian/Ubuntu)]]
** [[Mix Installation (Debian and Ubuntu)]]
** [[Mix Installation (FreeBSD/Jail)]]
** [[Mix Installation (FreeBSD Jail)]]
*'''How to configure the Mix Server'''
*'''How to configure the Mix Server'''
** [[Mix Server Configuration Guide]]
** [[Mix Server Configuration Guide]]

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JonDonym Users (feel free to create and add helpful articles here)

Benefits: It is possible to harm you in manifold ways using the data you left behind while using the Internet. The Benefits describe specific risks, which the IP-anonymization provided by JonDonym is protecting you against. Applications usable with JonDo: There are a a lot of applications you might use while using JonDo, especially if you are connected to premium services.

Futher information for JonDonym users:

Mix Proxy Operators

JonDonym works in a different way than Tor or I2P. You cannot start a mix server and hope, you will be part of the anonymous proxy service. You have to become a verified mix operator first. The mix server software is distributed only as source code. You have to compile it by yourself. For configuration help we provide the MixConfigTool.

PDF books: Mix Operator Guide (Linux), Mix Operator Guide (FreeBSD)

JonDonym Developers


Further information:

  • Programming Standards The document contains some important rules that code developers should follow to ensure a good cooperation and readability.
  • JonDo sources JonDo developer information and sources
  • JonDoFox sources JonDoFox developer information sources
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