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##[[JonDo sources]] JonDo developer information and sources.
##[[JonDo sources]] JonDo developer information and sources.
##[[JonDoFox sources]] JonDoFox developer information and sources.
##[[JonDoFox sources]] JonDoFox developer information and sources.
#'''Mix server sources and information'''
#'''Mix server Sources and Information'''
## [[Changelog & Roadmap & Compatibility]]
## [[Changelog & Roadmap & Compatibility]]
## [[SVN sources & Versions / Revisions]]
## [[SVN sources & Versions / Revisions]]

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JonDonym Users (feel free to create and add helpful articles here)

  1. Why using JonDonym
    1. Benefits
  2. Things to be aware of
    1. Applications usable with JonDonym
    2. General remarks
  3. Further information
    1. JonDo FAQ
    2. JonDoFox FAQ

Mix Proxy Operators

  1. How to become a Mix Operator
    1. Understanding Principles
    2. Become a Mix Operator
    3. Operator and Mix Location
    4. Ident Process & Certification
    5. Contracts
  2. How to setup and prepare your Server
    1. Security Standards and Recommendations
    2. Hardware and Uplink Requirements
    3. Debian Setup for Mixes
    4. FreeBSD and Jails
  3. Mix Installation Guide
    1. Mix Installation (Debian and Ubuntu)
    2. Mix Installation for other Linux based systems
    3. Mix Installation (FreeBSD Jail)
  4. Third-Party Software Installation Guide
    1. Squid and Dante on Linux (only for exit mixes)
    2. Squid and Dante in FreeBSD-Jails (only for exit mixes)
    3. Setup Accounting Database (only for premium entry mixes)
  5. How to configure the Mix Server
    1. Mix Server Configuration Guide
  6. Mix Administration Guide
    1. Maintenance
    2. Troubleshooting
    3. In case of inquries ...

PDF books: Mix Operator Guide (Linux), Mix Operator Guide (FreeBSD)

JonDonym Developers

  1. JonDo/JonDoFox Changelogs:
    1. JonDo changelog (stable version)
    2. JonDo changelog (beta version)
    3. JonDoFox extension for Firefox
    4. JonDoFox profile for Firefox
  2. JonDo/JonDoFox Sources and Programming Standards:
    1. Programming Standards The document contains some important rules that code developers should follow to ensure a good cooperation and readability.
    2. JonDo sources JonDo developer information and sources.
    3. JonDoFox sources JonDoFox developer information and sources.
  3. Mix server Sources and Information
    1. Changelog & Roadmap & Compatibility
    2. SVN sources & Versions / Revisions
  4. Research
  5. Publications
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