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Changelog 2.6.7

  • included latest FF (14.0.1) as portable FF
  • included new JonDoFox logo
  • updated NSIS installer
  • updated extensions
  • updated preferences (extensions.adblockplus.currentVersion, noscript.version and extensions.jondofox.profile_version to the latest version and browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone + extensions.lastAppVersion to the Firefox version shipped in JonDoFox Portable)

Changelog 2.6.6

  • included latest FF (13.0) as portable FF
  • updated NSIS installer
  • updated extensions
  • updated preferences

Changelog 2.6.5

  • included latest FF (12.0) as portable FF
  • updated NSIS installer
  • updated installer routines to overwrite our own custom HTTPS Everywhere rules after profile upgrade
  • updated extensions
  • updated preferences

Changelog 2.6.4

  • included latest FF (11.0) as portable FF
  • added HTTPS rules for our own domains
  • replaced StartingPage search engine with StartPage search engine
  • added EasyPrivacy filter subscription
  • added 'Recently Bookmarked' and 'Recent Tags' folders in bookmarks menu again
  • synchronized portable help
  • disabled crash reporter in portable FF
  • updated NSIS installer
  • updated extensions
  • updated preferences

Changelog 2.6.3

  • added missing Adblock filter rules

Changelog 2.6.2

  • inlcuded latest FF (10.0) as portable FF
  • included proper JonDoFox branding
  • removed profile cruft
  • updated NSIS installer
  • updated extensions
  • updated preferences

Changelog 2.6.1

  • included latest FF (9.0) as portable FF
  • backup of STS database, HTTPSEverywhereUserRules and NoScript STS rules/exceptions
  • removed extensions.sqlite and extensions.sqlite_portable
  • set extensions.autoDisableScopes to 14 to avoid extensions check UI
  • updated NSIS installer
  • updated extensions
  • updated preferences

Changelog 2.6.0

  • included latest FF (8.0) as portable FF
  • included the HTTPS-Everywhere extension
  • removed the PrivacyBox bookmark
  • added extensions.sqlite and extensions.sqlite_portable as a hack to avoid the extensions check UI in FF8
  • updated the NSIS installer accordingly
  • updated extensions
  • updated preferences

Changelog 2.5.4

  • included latest FF (7.0) as portable FF
  • updated extensions
  • removed superfluous files cert_override.txt and extensions.ini
  • updated preferences

Changelog 2.5.3

  • included latest FF (6.0) as portble FF
  • updated search engines
  • set encrypted Google search engine as default
  • updated extensions
  • deleted KeepVid and aTubeCatcher bookmarks; added share-tube bookmark
  • updated preferences
  • added preference to disable savestats feature of AdBlock Plus
  • removed hostperm.1 file as this is not used for FF3+ anymore

Changelog 2.5.2

  • included latest FF (5.0) as portable FF
  • updated search engines
  • set the preferences "" and "" to "Arial"

Changelog 2.5.1

  • included latest FF (4.0) as portable FF
  • deleted some old, unused preferences in pref.js

Changelog 2.5.0

  • included latest FF (3.6.13) as portable FF
  • replaced CS Lite with Cookie Monster
  • removed RSS feeds
  • updated bookmarks

Changelog 2.4.0

  • included latest FF (3.6.9) as portable FF
  • replaced DownloadHelper with UnPlug

Changelog 2.3.0

  • updated for Firefox 3.6
  • there is just one profile now, including the following extensions: NoScript, Adblock Plus, CS Lite, DownloadHelper, JonDoFox and (ProfileSwitcher)
  • SafeCache is now included within the JonDoFox extension and is therefore deleted as a separate extension as well

Changelog 2.2.5

  • removed extension "sage"
  • warn on opening external applications
  • new accept header for better website compatibility
  • some minor bug fixes

Changelog 2.2.4

  • Updated for Firefox 3.5.2
  • removed Forecastbar
  • new user agent
  • Bugfix: gobally accept proxy exceptions

Changelog 2.2.3

  • Updated for Firefox 3.5.1

Changelog 2.2.2

  • deactivated geo location

Changelog 2.2.1

  • updated for FF 3.5
  • enhanced configuration menu for JonDoFox extension
  • force DOM storage to be disabled
  • force network.http.proxy.keep-alive to be disabled
  • about:config configuration option for enabling the browser history on demand
  • proxy exceptions are valid for all configured proxies
  • updated http headers
  • fixed problem with umlauts on web sites

Changelog 2.1.5

  • update to FF 3.10
  • updated all extensions
  • removed TemporaryInbox and MediaPirate
  • a lot of new bookmarks/new folder structure for bookmarks

Changelog 2.1.4

  • update to FF 3.09
  • activated fraud warning
  • ixquick search plugin with https
  • updated help
  • deactivated icrosummary
  • prevent automatic reload of pages with NoScript

Changelog 2.1.3

  • update to FF 3.07
  • some extension updates
  • added CACert certificate
  • new bookmarks
  • reviewed installation programs for Mac OS X and Linux

Changelog 2.1.2

  • update to FF 3.04
  • some extension updates
  • removed some german files in english language folder
  • removed dwhelper local path
  • added CCC anonbox to certificates and bookmarks
  • removed width attributes from help file
  • Windows-Installer now always inserts FirefoxPortable as default folder if own path was chosen

Changelog 2.1.1

  • for allowing the installation of RefControl, the value "extensions.jondofox.set_referrer" has to be set to "false" in about:config

Changelog 2.1.0

  • Major new features
    • integrated a self-implemented proxy switcher
    • own function to replace the referer by the current domain name
    • set the 'Accept'-header of every request to '*/*' (now also image requests)
    • clear all cookies on every proxy change
    • new Windows installer: integrates local and portable installation for english and german, complete and lite profile
    • easy-to-use context entry for bypassing the proxy for a download
    • show detailed instructions if JonDo/proxy is not started/reachable
  • Minor new Features
    • Added a customizable proxy configuration to the proxy switcher
    • Using different colors for different proxy states (red/black)
    • Added icons to the statusbar popup
    • Automatically remove incompatible or replaced extensions
    • Automatically restart the browser after uninstalling other extensions
    • Setting a customized JonDoFox title string to each window
    • Enforce secure cookie preferences
    • Disable the history on startup by default
    • new bookmarks for video download pages and file sharing page
    • display standard SSL certificates in big blue field and with domain name
    • keep Firefox from searching invalid domains in Google or with "fuzzy" algorithm when proxy is off
    • keep NoScript from showing "AllowPage" in the context menu
    • config option to switch off referer control until browser restart (extensions.jondofox.set_referrer)
  • New XPCOM components
    • preferences-observer.js: unify certain browser prefs for all users
    • referrer-forgery.js: always set the 'Referer' header to the current page
    • proxy-manager.js: transparent API for handling proxy settings
    • preferences-handler.js: transparent API for handling preferences
  • Minor modifications
    • Distributing the chrome folder as a .jar-archive now
    • Integrated compatibility for Firefox up to version 3.1a2
    • New license: New BSD license
    • Making use of locales (until now only de-DE and en-US is supported)
    • Catching an uncaught exception that was thrown on 'view source code'
    • Removed 'contents.rdf' files since these are needed for backwards compatibility to Firefox < 1.5 only
    • TabRenamizer, JSView, MRTech are now optional
    • removed RefControl, SwitchProxy, CuteMenues
    • updated all extensions
    • updated the portable Firefox included in the Windows installer to 3.03

Changelog 2.0.1

  • FF2 compatibility for error page extension

Changelog 2.0

  • FF3 compatibility
  • some modifications on NoScript configuration
  • removed some less important extensions
  • added DownloadHelper extension for Flash video downloads
  • adapted SafeCache extension for FF3
  • temporarily removed SafeHistory for refacturing for FF3
  • own error page extension for giving users clear hints in error situations

Changelog 1.4

  • added extension Citavi
  • updates for browser and extensions
  • 64 bit installer

Changelog 1.3

  • updates for some extensions
  • NoScript lock for plugins on "trustworthy sites" activated
  • added Flash plugin in Windows installation file
  • reactivated automatic plugin search
  • added well-known ad domains to NoScript blacklist
  • added website certificate of JonDos
  • activated CS lite context menu entry
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