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Changes in version - 2010-01-25

Minor improvement:

  • removed loading of anontest automatically during startup if the user is trying to surf without a proxy

Changes in version 0.2.4 - 2010-01-21

New Features:

  • new referrer logic
  • included SafeCache's functionality
  • show anontest page on startup if no (proper) proxy is configured
  • there is now a new preference, extensions.jondofox.alwaysUseJonDo, which, if set to true, ignores the proxy used in the last session and lets the browser start always with JonDo; default is "false"
  • added a special overlay which is shown to the user if she wants to download a .doc or a .rtf file: shall be used for security's sake

New XPCOM component:

  • jondofox-utils.js: all the utility functions needed shall be stored here

Minor improvements:

  • excluded the warning regarding opening mailto-links
  • the modified unknowncontenttype dialog behaves more like the unmodified one; i.e. the settingschange element is hidden again if the Open-button is selected after the Save-button and the checkbox have been selected

Changes in verison 0.2.3 - 2009-11-10

New Features:

  • Minimized the need for updating the whole profile if there are changes in the extension
  • included several new warnings which may be disabled by the user:
  • update warnings (if the user has to update/enable the profile or some other extensions (NoScript, SafeCache))
  • preference warnings (in case the user modifies the recommended prefs and thus is not surfing securely anymore)
  • proxy warnings (if the user is not using a proper configured proxy or no proxy at all for her surfing)
  • 'Benutzerdefiniert' or 'Custom Proxy' is now shown in red letters as well if there is, despite its appearance, no properly configured proxy in use
  • The user may change the UA if she configures a custom proxy (not faked, the Tor-UA, JonDo-UA). If there is no proxy in use, the unfaked UA is sent if Tor the Tor one and if JonDo the JonDo UA
  • Improvement of the download of files without using a proxy (via the context menu). Now the user can be redirected to an other location and the download is not done using the Mix-cascades.
  • Warnings if the downloads files which may be opened by external apps
  • Prohibiting the option of opening files automatically with an external app
  • Improved the Custom Proxy dialog. It works now like the proxy settings panel in Firefox (remembering old values if the box 'Use settings for all protocols' is checked...)
  • If there is no appropriate Custom Proxy set but nevertheless used it is not possible to download files via the context menu: the bypassing proxy option is deactivated

Location Neutrality:

  • Preference for setting 'accept charsets' to 'text/html,application/xml,*/*'; this was necessary due to some yahoo pages which do not work with '*/*' anymore

Minor improvements:

  • Copied a icon in the root directory of the extension (icon.png) thus the JonDoFox icon is still shown even if the extension is disabled (Feature of Firefox 3.6)
  • modified a misleading log message in jondofox-gui.js

Changes in version 0.2.0 - 2009-05-xx:

New Features:

  • New Multi-Tabbed Configuration GUI
  • Updated User Agent Headers
  • Do not use proxy keep-alive connections

New Setting:

  • Boolean 'extensions.jondofox.disable_history': If the value is true, set 'browser.history_expire_days' to 0 on startup

Location Neutrality:

  • Override the default charset, but not to UTF-8
  • Replaced 'en' by 'en-us'
  • Equally accept all charsets by setting 'accept_charsets' to '*'

Changes in version 0.2b3 - 2008-10-24:


  • Allowing RefControl if 'set_referrer' is set to false

Changes in version 0.2b2 - 2008-10-23:

New features:

  • Add an internal property for toggling referrer headers
  • Show JonDoFox homepage after extension upgrades

Changes in version 0.2b1 - 2008-10-20:

New features:

  • Clearing all cookies on every state change
  • Added a customizable proxy configuration to the proxy switcher
  • Set the 'Accept'-header of every request to '*/*'
  • Using different colors for different proxy states (red/black)
  • Added icons to the statusbar popup
  • Automatically restarting the browser after uninstalling other extensions

Changes in version 0.2a1 - 2008-09-16:

Major features:

  • Integrated a self-implemented proxy switcher

New XPCOM components:

  • preferences-observer.js: unify certain browser prefs for all users
  • referrer-forgery.js: always set the 'Referer' header to the current page
  • proxy-manager.js: transparent API for handling proxy settings
  • preferences-handler.js: transparent API for handling preferences

Minor new features:

  • Setting a customized JonDoFox title string to each window
  • Enforce certain cookie preferences
  • Disable the history on startup by default

Minor modifications:

  • Distributing the chrome folder as a .jar-archive now
  • Integrated compatibility for Firefox up to version 3.1a2
  • New license: modified BSD license

Changes in version 0.1a3 - 2008-08-05:

Minor modifications:

  • Modified instruction text
  • Optimized png's in file sizes

Changes in version 0.1a2 - 2008-08-01:

Major improvements:

  • Replaced jpg's used in instructions by png's with transparent background
  • Making use of locales (until now only de-DE and en-US is supported)
  • Compatibility to Firefox 2 by providing different versions of the file netError.xhtml and defining 'appversion' in chrome.manifest

Minor improvements:

  • Catching an uncaught exception that was thrown on 'view source code'
  • Removed 'contents.rdf' files since these are needed for backwards compatibility (to Firefox < 1.5) only

Changes in version 0.1a1 - 2008-07-29:

This is the initial version of the JonDoFox-Extension

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