Hardware and Uplink Requirements

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Hardware and Uplink requirements

  • Any standard CPU is fine (such as Intel DualCore or comparable).
  • RAM should be around 1GB for each mix server in a virtual environment.
  • A hard disc of 160GB is sufficient (even less would be okay).
  • You should have at least a uplink speed of 100 MBit/sec.
  • You will have up to 0.5 - 5 TByte traffic per month.

Please look out for good peering to the previous/next mix in the cascade you're going to build with your fellow mix operators. Peering is essential for good mix performance. Please check the number of hops using traceroute and packet losses and other failures as well as latency.

If you want to run more than one mix on your root server or run other services as well think about virtualization. You will need at least one IP address for your host system and at least one additional IP address for every virtual server.

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