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HowTo setup a secure server using FreeBSD and Jails

This is a description on how to setup a FreeBSD host system and two FreeBSD jails on an ordinary rootserver to run two Jondonym mixes in the BSD jails created. You do not need to be familiar with FreeBSD but you should have some experiences with any Unix or Linux operating system and managing servers remotely via KVM and SSH. Of course, when setting up a server with FreeBSD you lateron must learn more about FreeBSD. This document can only provide you the right track to set up the box efficiently and with the right structures.

  1. Introduction to BSD and BSD Jails
  2. IP addresses, partitions
  3. Setting up the FreeBSD host system
  4. Setting up the FreeBSD host system for Jails
  5. Setting up the Jails
  6. Updating the FreeBSD host system

PDF book with all the chapters above: FreeBSD Setup Guide

Securing your host's SSH server

If you followed the above BSD HowTo you already protected the host systems SSH port via TCP wrapper (by entries in the /etc/hosts.allow file). However, improvements are possible to protect your host system's SSH port. This is, what this additional HowTo is about.

  1. Introduction to SSH daemon security
  2. Setting up the PF packet filter
  3. Setting up fail2ban

PDF book with all the chapters above: FreeBSD secure SSH Setup Guide

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