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<iimg>[[Firefox_manual_settings]]![[Image:en2.png]]</iimg><iimg>[[Firefox_Proxy_Einstellungen]]![[Image:de2.png]]</iimg>&nbsp;[[Main_Page|Main Page (en)]] [[Alternative_browser_configuration|Alternative browser configuration (en)]]
== Proxy Settings ==
== Proxy Settings ==

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Proxy Settings

Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> set "Manual proxy configuration" , , 4001 , "Use this proxy server for all protocols".



Since version 3.6.14, Firefox uses a plugin-container - this is a security feature, a crashed plugin will not crash the browser, but it doesn't really help with privacy.

Tools -> Add-ons (connects to the Internet)


Since version 3.6, there is no more an "Enable Java" checkbox, Java is just a plugin like any other one and can be controlled in the plugin list. By default Firefox (like other browsers) will use Java found on the system, so after installing JonDo, you have to disable Java in Firefox. The other and probably safer way to block Java is to install JonDo as "portable" - in that case Firefox (like other browsers) will simply not find the Java used by JonDo (there should be no other Java on the system).


Don't use a PDF plugin, download the file and view it separately outside of the context of the browser, or use an online converter.

Local / Web / DOM storage

Enabled by default, should be disabled: type "about:config", confirm warning, and set "" to "false".

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