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While the main usage of JonDonym is anonymizing web surfing, there are a lot of other applications that you may use with the program. If you have your own suggestions, write us: For every submission which is published here, we will send you a JonDonym-couponcode worth of 500 MB for free.


Anonymous email accounts with Mozilla Thunderbird

You may find a tutorial for using Thunderbird with JonDonym in our online help.

Anonymous instant messaging with Pidgin

The configuration of Pidgin you may find in our online help too.

Download flash videos with Unplug or Video DownloadHelper

A How-To for downloading videos with UnPlug may be found in our online help as this add-on is part of our JonDoFox Profile. Video DownloadHelper may be used as well. In order to do so, go to a website where your video is located (e.g. and if one is available for download the Video DownloadHelper icon left to the URL bar gets colored and rotating. If you click on the drop down icon (see image below) a menu will popup containing the available formats of the video. Select one and save it to disk.


Download videos with aTube Catcher

For Windows, there exists an excellent freeware program called aTube Catcher for download YouTube videos and from many other websites too. You may configure this program for JonDo by activating the HTTP proxy in aTube Catcher in Tools->Connection settings and setting it to Host: and Port: 4001.

Warning: Do not use the "Play" function of aTube catcher for watching videos without download. This will break out the proxy and you are deanonymized. You may use a proxyfier tool like Proxyfier or ProxyCap to avoid this issue.

Atubecatcher en.png

For playing movies of all video formats on all operating systems, the free VideoLAN Media Player is a very good choice.

Anonymous server maintenance with WinSCP

WinSCP is a Windows program for the secure data transfer from and to a server. At the menu item "Proxy", just enter the connection data for JonDo (Proxy host name=, Port number=4001) and choose "Login". You should now see in JonDo that the program transfers encrypted data.


Proxy-compliant applications (HTTP/SOCKS)

In principle you may use JonDo with every Internet application where you can enter an HTTP-proxy in the settings. The default values for enabling the proxy are as follows:

  • Hostname/IP address: localhost (or
  • Port: 4001

Some premium mix services offer in addition to the HTTP proxy interface a SOCKS proxy interface as well. However, the HTTP interface is preferable over SOCKS if the respective Internet application is supporting it.

Be cautious if you are using the SOCKS interface

Please, if you are using a SOCKS proxy make always sure that the respective application is resolving the DNS name via the SOCKS proxy. Because otherwise information about the servers which you contacted via JonDo will be transmitted to the DNS servers together with your IP address. Should the configuration of your SOCKS application neither be specified in this wiki nor in the help, please check if it is leaking DNS using a personal firewall or tools like Wireshark. If you do not know what to do with these terms it would be better if you were not using SOCKS.

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