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<iimg>[[Changelogs and Sources]]![[Image:en2.png]]</iimg><iimg>[[Changelogs und Sourcen]]![[Image:de2.png]]</iimg>
<iimg>[[Changelogs and Sources]]![[Image:en2.png]]</iimg><iimg>[[Changelogs und Sourcen]]![[Image:de2.png]]</iimg>&nbsp;[[Main_Page|Main Page (en)]]
====JonDo/JonDoFox Changelogs====
====JonDo/JonDoFox Changelogs====
#[[JonDo changelog]] (stable version)
#[[JonDo changelog]] (stable version)

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En2.png De2.png  Main Page (en)

JonDo/JonDoFox Changelogs

  1. JonDo changelog (stable version)
  2. JonDo changelog (beta version)
  3. JonDoFox extension for Firefox
  4. JonDoFox profile for Firefox
  5. Live-CD changelog

Sources and Programming Standards

  1. Programming Standards The document contains some important rules that code developers should follow to ensure a good cooperation and readability.
  2. JonDo sources JonDo developer information and sources.
  3. JonDoFox sources JonDoFox developer information and sources.
  4. JonDo developer version The current and older developer versions for testing purposes
  5. JonDoFox developer version The current alpha version of the next release
  6. Mix server sources and information The stable and development sources of mix servers.
  7. Build sources of our Live-CD The build environment of our live-cd
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