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<iimg>[[changelog_livecd_en]]![[Image:en2.png]]</iimg><iimg>[[changelog_livecd_de]]![[Image:de2.png]]</iimg>&nbsp;[[Changelogs and Sources]]
<iimg>[[changelog_livecd_en]]![[Image:en2.png]]</iimg><iimg>[[changelog_livecd_de]]![[Image:de2.png]]</iimg>&nbsp;[[Changelogs and Sources]]
====Changelog Version 0.9.32 (2012-11-23)====
* software updates (JonDoBrowser 0.3 and so on)
* added GStreamer codec packages ''bad'' and ''ugly'' to play more media files with Parole
* disable compositing for window manager and remove the dock Plank for more liquid GUI appearance
* small bugfixes for desktop settings
* remove I2P and GnuNet because the configuration is complex with changed MAC addresses
* improved hardware support for printer
====Changelog Version (2012-11-02)====
====Changelog Version (2012-11-02)====
* bugfix for JonDoBrowser symbol in the Plank dock
* bugfix for JonDoBrowser symbol in the Plank dock

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En2.png De2.png  Changelogs and Sources


Changelog Version 0.9.32 (2012-11-23)

  • software updates (JonDoBrowser 0.3 and so on)
  • added GStreamer codec packages bad and ugly to play more media files with Parole
  • disable compositing for window manager and remove the dock Plank for more liquid GUI appearance
  • small bugfixes for desktop settings
  • remove I2P and GnuNet because the configuration is complex with changed MAC addresses
  • improved hardware support for printer

Changelog Version (2012-11-02)

  • bugfix for JonDoBrowser symbol in the Plank dock
  • extensions.blocklist.enabled for Icedove disabled

Changelog Version 0.9.31 (2012-10-31)

  • software updates for JonDoBrowser 0.2.2, Icedove, I2P, Tor....
  • added international fonts for Chinesisch, Thai, Dzongha, Indic and Arabic websites.
  • Java disabled and the storing of personal information in documents
  • JonDoBrowser: SSLv3 disabled, bookmarks fixed
  • NoScript: disable the check of WAN-IP in ABE protection.
  • removed the add-on for bidirection writing in Icedove, because it was not compatible with the new version
  • bugfixes for spellchecking in Icedove

Changelog Version 0.9.30 (2012-10-23)

  • bugfix for printer configuration
  • replaced Thunderbird by Icedove 10esr to simplify updates for us.
  • added EncFS and Cryptkeeper (a GUI for encrypted filesystems)
  • added a sound recorder, Wireshark and GnuNet on the DVD version.

Changelog Version 0.9.29 (2012-10-17)

  • Switched from Debian squeeze to Debian wheezy.
  • Added a DVD version with more software (, GIMP, BlueGriffon for website development, Calibre for eBooks).
  • Bugfixes and improvements for the XFCE desktop.
  • Improved hardware support for printer (HP, Epson, Lexmark, Minolta) and scanner.
  • Replaced Firefox+JonDoFox with JonDoBrowser v.0.2.
  • Replaced VLC-Player with Parole.
  • Removed Bluefish (CD version) and added BlueGriffon (DVD version)
  • Update for OTR encryption for Pidgin to version 4.0.
  • Update GnuPG configuration and connect OpenPGP keyserver only SSL encrypted.
  • Removed support for PPTP-VPNs, because it is not secure.
  • Added suppot for Iodine-VPNs (IP over DNS).
  • Using the default username user of Debian live and the default hostname.

Changelog Version (2012-09-05)

  • bugfix for German dictionaries for Thunderbird and Firefox

Changelog Version 0.9.28 (2012-08-31)

  • software updates to Firefox 15.0, Thunderbird 15.0 and security updates for OTR and SSL.
  • using TorBirdy for Thunderbird profil "anonym"
  • adapt the GUI-style of QT4 applications (VLC player, keexpass) to match the desktop settings.

Changelog Version 0.9.27-2 (2012-08-14)

  • Disable memory wiping at shutdown because of problems reported by user we could not fix.

Changelog Version 0.9.27-1 (2012-08-09)

  • important bugfix for Tor configuration (Tor does not start in version 0.9.27 together with Vidalia)

Changelog Version 0.9.27 (2012-08-08)

  • improved hardware compatibilty for newer laptops (WLAN, Wifi, Sound)
  • update Firefox (version 14.0.1), Thunderbird (version 14.0), Pidgin (version 2.10.6)
  • added Bleachbit and wiping the RAM after shutdown with Bleachbit to remove any traces on the computer
  • replaced the VoIP client Twinkle by Jitsi
  • removed the ebook reader Lucidor because it is not under development any more

Changelog Version 0.9.26 (2012-07-12)

  • Security update for Java
  • Improved Thunderbird configuration (SSL/TLS security settings, disable tracking features in HTML emails)

Changelog Version 0.9.25 (2012-06-27)

  • Security fix for Pidgin over Tor configuration

Changelog Version 0.9.24 (2012-06-26)

  • Update JonDoFox profil to latest TorBrowser settings
  • Added Gnome Disk Utility

Changelog Version 0.9.23 (2012-06-24)

  • Update Firefox and Thunderbird (version 13.0.1)
  • Added simple-scan (small and easy scan application) and scanner drivers

Changelog Version 0.9.22 (2012-06-15)

  • improved configuration for mixmaster remailer
  • added Figaros password manager

Changelog Version 0.9.21 (2012-06-07)

  • update Firefox and Thunderbird to version 13.0
  • update JonDoFox profil
  • added OpenPGP signatur keys of and C't
  • added bookmarks for some Tor hidden services in Firefox

Changelog Version 0.9.20 (2012-05-30)

  • software updates for JonDo, NoScript, MAT

Changelog Version 0.9.19 (2012-05-21)

  • update Firefox add-ons
  • update Thunderbird configuration
  • update Pidgin-OTR because of a critical bug
  • using gpg-agent
  • update MAT

Changelog Version 0.9.17 (2012-04-24)

  • update for Thunderbird, Pidgin and I2P
  • fusewebdav added
  • GStreamer "ugly" and "bad" plugins removed

Changelog Version 0.9.16 (2012-04-24)

  • Update Firefox and Thunderbird to version 12.0
  • Update Pidgin to version 2.10.3
  • Update MAT to version 0.3.0
  • small Bugfixes

Changelog Version 0.9.14 (2012-04-16)

  • added torsocks, tsocks and tor-geoipdb

Changelog Version 0.9.13 (2012-04-15)

  • Bugfix for mixmaster configuration

Changelog Version 0.9.12 (2012-04-07)

  • Update Thunderbird to version 11.0.1
  • added mixmaster with pre-conficuration
  • small bugfixes

Changelog Version 0.9.11 (2012-03-15)

  • update Firefox and Thunderbird to version 11.0
  • added gFTP and Bluefish for website development
  • replace Adobe flash player with Gnash
  • small bugfixes

Changelog Version 0.9.10 (2012-03-09)

  • Added Tor and I2P, adapt the JonDoFox configuration for I2P
  • Replace Ristretto by Shotwell, because Shotwell can import fotos from digital cameras

Changelog Version 0.9.9 (2012-03-01)

  • Update JonDoFox profile
  • Added CUPS printing system with auto-configurtion for local printers
  • Added steghide (command line tool for steganography)
  • serveral bugfixes

Changelog Version 0.9.8 (2012-02-17)

  • Update to Firefox 10.0.2 and Thunderbird 10.0.2

Changelog Version 0.9.7 (2012-02-11)

  • Update to Firefox 10.0.1
  • Added (A)DSL dial-in software and configuration wizzard pppoeconf
  • Preconfiguration of some international dial-in numbers of Telecomix project Dialup For Egypt
  • some small bugfixes

Changelog Version 0.9.6 (2012-02-08)

  • added nonfree firmware for some WLAN chipsets

Changelog Version 0.9.5 (2012-02-05)

  • Updates to Firefox 10, Thunderbird 10, JonDoFox
  • Small bug fixes

Changelog Version 0.9.4 (2012-01-10)

  • Installation of Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit for PDF, office documents and images.
  • remove for security reasons as recommended by VLC developer team

Changelog Version 0.9.3 (2012-01-02)

  • fix an error for the Firefox add-on CookieMonster
  • VLC media player may be used anonymous and non-anonymous
  • prepare the default configuration of proxychains for JonDonym and did not use a user configuration for proxychains

Changelog Version 0.9.2 (2012-01-02)

  • Update Frefox add-ons

Changelog Version 0.9.1 (2011-12-23)

  • Update Firefox (9.0.1), Thunderbird (9.0), JonDoFox und Lucidor (
  • Added KeePassX, because it was requested by user.
  • Added Twinkle, a VoIP client with support for ZFONE encryption.
  • Change the keyboard layout setting.
  • A faster mirror for download is ready now.

Changelog Version 0.9 (2011-12-13)

  • Change the hostname randomly at boot time by the script from Telecomic Crypto Munitions Bureau
  • Add the IRC server of Telecomix to the preconfigured server list in Pidgin

Changelog Beta 17 (2011-12-02)

  • software updaes for JonDo (0.17.001), Firefox (8.0.1) and JonDoFox
  • fixed configuration bug for VLC player

Changelog Beta 16 (2011-11-22)

  • install an iptable firewall script
  • sync the time with 3 timeservers after network connection was established
  • configuration of "sudo" for user "jondo" to enable all functions of Truecrypt
  • remove GNOME update manager, because it is useless for a live-cd

Changelog Beta 15 (2011-11-12)

  • update Firefox 8.0 and Thunderbird 8.0

Changelog Beta 14 (2011-11-01)

  • MAC addresses of eth0 and wlan0 are changed at boot time
  • remove Skype, because it is not secure, more or less useless on a live-cd

Changelog Beta 13 (2011-10-28)

  • Software updates
  • Added HTTPSEverywhere to Firefox profil
  • Added disk manager and ntfs-3g driver for writing support on Windows partitions
  • Added Ekiga softphone for VoIP

Changelog Beta 12 (2011-10-12)

  • Software updates for JonDo, Thunderbird, Lucidor, Debian sytem
  • enable IPv6 privacy extensions for network interfaces eth0 and wlan0

Changelog Beta 11 (2011-09-30)

  • Update Firefox 7.0.1
  • Update OpenJDK JRE

Changelog Beta 10 (2011-09-29)

  • Update to Firefox 7.0. Thunderbird 7.0, JonDo 0.16.001, JonDoFox
  • added Microsoft core fonts
  • added two prconfigured IRC server to Pidgin configuration (,

Changelog Beta 9 (2011-09-18)

  • replace Icedove by Thunderbird 6.0.2
  • improved, secure configuration for Thunderbird
  • remove CD burning tools, because more or less useless in a live-cd

Changelog Beta 8

  • replace e-book reader FBReader by Lucidor, configuration is not ready, only the internet traffic is routed through JonDonym, needs some work for high anonymity
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