Censorship-free DNS servers

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<iimg>[[Censorship-free_DNS_servers]]![[Image:en2.png]]</iimg><iimg>[[Unzensierte_DNS-Server]]![[Image:de2.png]]</iimg>&nbsp;[[Main_Page|Main Page (en)]]
<iimg>[[Censorship-free_DNS_servers]]![[Image:en2.png]]</iimg><iimg>[[Unzensierte_DNS-Server]]![[Image:de2.png]]</iimg>&nbsp;[[Main_Page|Main Page (en)]] | [[tips and tricks|Information for JonDonym users]]
== Censorship-free DNS servers ==
== Censorship-free DNS servers ==

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Censorship-free DNS servers

Using JonDonym the DNS name resolution is done by the exit mix. But maybe you do not use JonDonym for all your traffic. It may be helpful to use a censorship free DNS server.

Chaos Computer Club Berlin

Comodo Secure DNS

DNS Advantage


FoeBuD e.V.

German Privacy Foundation e.V. (Ports 53,110, DNSSEC IPv6) (Ports: 53, 110, HTTPS-DNS, DNSSEC, IPv6)

awxcnx (Ports: 53, 110, DNSSEC, IPv6)

Swiss Privacy Foundation (Ports: 53, 110, DNSSEC) (Ports: 53, 110, HTTPS-DNS, DNSSEC IPv6) (Ports: 53, 110, DNSSEC)

Schweden DNS Kalmar NDC Registry

Island DNS Island Telecom

Antartica DNS (Cyberbunker NL)

US DNS Westelcom Internet, Inc.

How to change DNS Server in Win Vista / Win 7

  • Open System Control (Start->System Control)


Check http://welcome.gpf in the browser. If you see the page then your new DNS works OK.

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