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Benefits using JonDonym

It is possible to harm you in manifold ways using the data you left behind while using the Internet. The Benefits describe specific risks, which the IP-anonymization provided by JonDonym is protecting you against.

If you have made own experiences how JonDonym has helped yourself, please help us, too, and write us. For every submission which is published here you will get a JonDonym-couponcode worth of 500 MB for free.

All that your IP-address is revealing!

Every web site can find out the following about you using your Internet-connection:

  • Your current whereabouts

The country and the city/region where you are. With the help of data bases free of charge or with costs even districts and office buildings can be identified. This is called geolocation.

  • Your Internet-provider

Personal data can be retrieved using your provider.

  • Your access technology

With the help of data bases one can find out whether you are using, for instance, DSL, a modem or a mobile in order to surf the Web.

  • Your company / your authority

In case you are surfing from within the network of a company or an authority its name can be find out.

  • How long your computer is running

This is possible due to the analysis of so-called TCP-timestamps which makes even your computer identifiable.

Using a little test on our web site you may have a look at some of these information about yourself.

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