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Benefits using JonDonym

It is possible to harm you in manifold ways using the data you left behind while using the Internet. The Benefits describe specific risks, which the IP-anonymization provided by JonDonym is protecting you against.

If you have made own experiences how JonDonym has helped yourself, please help us, too, and write us. For every submission which is published here you will get a JonDonym-couponcode worth of 500 MB for free.

All that your IP-address is revealing!

Every web site can find out the following about you using your Internet-connection:

  • Your current whereabouts

The country and the city/region where you are. With the help of data bases free of charge or with costs even districts and office buildings can be identified. This is called geolocation.

  • Your Internet-provider

Personal data can be retrieved using your provider.

  • Your access technology

With the help of data bases one can find out whether you are using, for instance, DSL, a modem or a mobile in order to surf the Web.

  • Your company / your authority

In case you are surfing from within the network of a company or an authority its name can be find out.

  • How long your computer is running

This is possible due to the analysis of so-called TCP-timestamps which makes even your computer identifiable.

Using a little test on our web site you may have a look at some of these information about yourself.

Data thieves see your plaintext

If you are using a wireless network in an Internet-cafe, on an airport or a railway station other users and the provider of this wireless network can observe you: they see which web sites you are visiting and which data you are putting into them. They are even able to manipulate and redirect your access to web sites.

  • Password- and identity-theft

If your are using unsecured Internet-shops your password, account information and address can be read out. Now, a third party would be able to order things in the Internet-shop using your data, as well. Besides, your e-mail-passwords could be intercepted and then your conversation by e-mail could be read along, until you are changing your passwords again.

  • Loss of confidential information

Your private messages can be intercepted and, later on, be used against you or your company. Are you writing a message to your wife and afterwards to your mistress? Are you sending business documents to a colleague which outsiders are not allowed to get?

  • Anonymous proxies do not protect you but steal your data

In the Internet there are a myriad of proxy-services both for free and with costs which promise anonymity. But: In most cases these services do not even encrypt your data against other parties' access. Additionally, it is assumed that many of them are running on cracked computers and are controlled by criminals in order to spy on the users' data purposefully.

Competitors identify the actions of your company

Most of the companies and organizations are identifiable unambiguously by means of their IP-address. Competitors can make use of that.

  • Investigations using the Internet do not remain confidentially

Your investigations on web sites which are directly or indirectly controlled by your competitors (e.g. due to a service contract) do not remain confidentially. Thus, searching the Internet it can happen that you give away business secrets unnoticed, for instance while you are looking for patents or making a market analysis.

  • Web sites of your competitors "are playing around" with you

Employees of competitors are able to observe your IP-address while you are visiting the web sites of them. Because of that they may present wrong or no information at all to you. They are even able to show a special career-page in order to headhunt your employees. You might also get an advertisement call or advertisement e-mails.

  • Spies in the industry may redirect the data traffic of your company to their own servers

Technically experienced spies are perhaps able to redirect your whole network traffic from your provider to their own servers. As a result your whole Internet communication would be uncovered. That is how all unencrypted messages and all Internet services, which were contacted by your company, would be known by your competitors.

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