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Steps to become a Mix Operator

JonDonym works in a different way than Tor or I2P. You cannot start a mix server and hope, you will be part of the anonymous proxy service. You have to become a verified mix operator first. A following will give you a short description of the way:

  1. Check the law in your country, if it is possible for you to run an anonymous proxy server.
  2. Buy or hire a server with high speed Internet connection and high traffic limits. You will need at least a speed of 100 MBit/sec and up to 0.5 - 5 TByte traffic per month. It is recommended to place the server not in your home country.
  3. Contact a JonDonym Certification Authority (CA). The CA will verify your identity and sign your X.509 operator certificate.
  4. Sign an operational agreement with the selected JonDonym CA and get your X.509 operator certificate. To get your operator certificate, you have to send a Certification Signing Request (CSR) to the CA and you will get back your signed certificate. The operator certificate is needed to sign the X.509 certifcates of your mixes. Please use the MixConfigTool for creation of the CSR. It will add all required features to your certificate. Do not use openssl.
  5. Look for partners to build a mix cascade with 2 mixes (free cascade) or 3 mixes (premium cascade). If you are cannot find others as partners or you need one more participant, you can ask the JonDonym Certification Authorities for help.
  6. Exchange the X.509 mix and operator certificates with your partners, configure your mix and start the new cascade together with your partner(s).
  7. Join the operator mailinglist to stay up to date.

Think about the costs of your server. It is possible to run a free mix server or a premium service. You will be paid by the users of your mix, if you decide to run a premium service. In this case, you have to sign a premium operator contract with JonDos GmbH. It may take some time until JonDos GmbH can offer you a premium operator contract. It depends on the amount/usage of already existing premium services by the users.

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