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JonDonym Users

This section of our wiki is an extension of the online help. (Please have a look at the online help first.) Additional information for JonDonym users (You may find here tips for anonymous e-mail communication, alternative browser configuration, with JonDo compatible and not compatible applications, additional privacy HowTos and more. Please note: most content is user generated.)


  1. Publications related to JonDonym
  2. Publications about cryptography and cryptoanalysis
  3. Publications about tracking and spying technologies

Mix Operator Tutorials

You cannot start a mix server and hope, you will be part of the anonymous proxy service. You have to become a verified mix operator first. All you need to know about certification, software setup and so on you may find in the Mix Operator Tutorials.

Changelogs and Programm Sources

JonDonym developers can find the changelogs and programm sources of the JonDonym software here.

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