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Operator mailing list

JonDos GmbH provides a mailinglist for operators. It is used for update announcements and problem discussion. The adress of the list is:

operators (at)

The mailinglist uses OpenPGP encryption. All messages to the list have to be encrypted and signed by the sender. For encryption use the OpenPGP key 0x5F9646AF. You may fetch the OpenPGP key from the list by sending an empty mail with the subject "send key!" to the mailinglist address.

Fingerprint of the key is:

fingerprint: E774 5076 1DDA E578 73D3 6AA6 43FB 45C5 5F96 46AF

The mailinglist is managed by JonDos GmbH. Please send an email to the list admin to subscribe or unsubscribe. Attach your OpenPGP key for subscription. Admin address for the mailinglist is:

mailinglist-admin (at)    OpenPGP: 0xA89E4FD0

Update your OpenPGP key

If your OpenPGP key becames invalid, you can update your it by self or send the new key by mail to the list admin. Update your key by self needs two steps

1: First send message with your new key to the list. The body of the message has to be:


2: Afterwards delete your old key. Send a message to the list with the body:

X-DEL-KEY: (key-id)

Additional Features

For list members some additional features are available.

1: You can fetch a list of all subscribers by sending a mail to the list address with the body and subject:


2: You can fetch the list of all public OpenPGP keys known to the list by sending a mail to the list address with the body and subject:


3: You can fetch the public OpenPGP key of a subscriber for contact him/her directly by sending a mail to the list address with the body and subject:

X-SEND-KEY: theKeyId

Document sharing for operators

Mix operators can use the webdavs:// server provided by JonDos GmbH for sharing documents:


Reading of documents is possible with a webbrowser too:

Access to this server is only possible with valid operator certificates. Please export your operator certificat in .P12 format from the MixConfigTool. This file contains your privat and public key. It is encrypted with the password you set for the config.xml. Import the certificate file in your prefered webdav client (Internet Explorer, Nautilus...).

Hint: The SSL certificates of the repositories are self signed. SHA1 fingerprint for the certificate of the repository provided by JonDos GmbH is:

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