AUDIT TrueCrypt

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AUDIT TrueCrypt

Post by Kornblumenblau » Wed Nov 06, 2013 13:32

Now and here it's time to audit TrueCrypt (for Windows) professionaly:
-------- *

Some of the reasons why:
-- Have the source code audited by a professional outfit qualified to do such work
-- Not easy to compile from its source code
-- Strange discrepancies in the way TrueCrypt works on different platforms, along with a possible attack on the way keyfiles are used

Some of the todos:
-- Have a lawyer analyze the terms of the source code license used by TrueCrypt, which is not considered to be a true open source license due to some of its terms
-- Pay out bounties for any bugs found in the code
-- Create binaries that can be verified against the source code

Donate ...
-------- (auch Bitcoin)

... and/or help please!
"It doesn't have to be money, although that would be best. If you're an information security professional/expert/hobbyist please consider giving us some of your time to help identify bugs in the software."

The-men-"behind"-the-audit would appreciate it very much!
-------- (Matthew Green) (Kenny White)

Also watch this thread in the german forum:
mostly english spoken ;-)

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Re: AUDIT TrueCrypt

Post by Imteyes » Sat Apr 04, 2015 19:32

Good news! ... secur.html ... 95838.html

TrueCrypt, there seems to be no serious reason not to use v7.1a further more.


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