Anonymizing Flash plugin

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Anonymizing Flash plugin

Post by Nostronomo » Thu Jul 13, 2017 0:03

I use a forum that requires Flash for uploading avatar pictures, a year ago I followed your instruction on how to anonymize Flash by editing mms.cfg file I put all configuration lines in to the mms.cfg file except for FileUploadDisable=1, LocalFileReadDisable=1 and FileDownloadDisable=1 in order to be able to upload pictures to the forum.

I remember that I used simple network traffic monitoring called EtherApe to check if Flash is bypassing proxy settings and that it didn't bypass proxy settings but yesterday I used EtherApe again and it looks like Flash is bypassing proxy settings even if DisableSockets=1 configuration line is put in to the mms.cfg file.

I am not sure what is happening did I miss direct connection to the website the first time?
Is DisableSockets=1 configuration line supposed to prevent proxy circumvention when Flash is used for uploading files?

My OS is Linux Mint 18.1 ... plets.html

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