Problems with Google and Cloudflare captchas and JonDoFox

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John Doe
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Problems with Google and Cloudflare captchas and JonDoFox

Post by John Doe » Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:45

I use the JonDoFox profile settings with Proxifier and AdvOR (an advanced onion network client), until a couple of weeks it was a bullet proof combination. Then I began to have problems with Google and Cloudflare captchas: even if I solve the captcha I'm trapped in an endless loop, in other words it asks again and again to solve captchas.
I tested an installation of firefox just as it comes, without any addon, connected it through TOR and it worked fine, after solving the captcha i was redirected to the site. Then I tried the same with the JonDoFox profile settings (without any third party addon, just the JonDoFox extension), and again I was trapped in the endless captcha loop.
I also know there was some major update in Cloudflare's system and since then it must conflict with some settings in the JonDoFox profile but I wasn't able to find out which ones, could anybody help me please?

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Re: Problems with Google and Cloudflare captchas and JonDoFo

Post by frustrated » Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:44

JonDoFox has had a lot of glitches for the past year or so. Many users seem to have abandoned it. You probably won't find a fix for your problem.

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