Do you play games online?

If sometime something does not work...
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Do you play games online?

Post by vipar » Thu Aug 20, 2020 20:17

Do you play games online if it's a strategy or an arcade game? Which games do you prefer? Are these interesting games?

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Re: Do you play games online?

Post by famat » Sat Aug 22, 2020 22:00

I think it's going to be hard for you to find someone who doesn't play online games. Ira online is simple. And it's interesting.

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Re: Do you play games online?

Post by lianot » Sun Aug 23, 2020 7:08

I like Counter-Strike Global Offensive
In the game, you can turn weapons into crossbows
It sounds strange and implausible, but what else do you call the regime, when shooting at enemies and allies at the site of the hit are huge red and gray arrows? For this mode, the console command is responsible sv_showbullethits 1, which allows you to show exactly where your or someone else's bullet hit. CS:GO also makes a profit for its players. The player can sell csgo skins for real money and continue playing on. earnings on the game can be substantial. The cost of skins is different

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Re: Do you play games online?

Post by NedWilson » Mon Aug 24, 2020 5:34

lianot wrote:
Sun Aug 23, 2020 7:08
I like Counter-Strike Global Offensive
I am 35 years old and it already seems silly to me. Why spend real money on a set of pixels in the game? I prefer to play games that, on the contrary, bring me money. Take poker for example. Do you like poker?

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Re: Do you play games online?

Post by FarideGH » Mon Aug 24, 2020 9:43

I also prefer to play for real bets)) Here is my favorite site - I have been looking for a good online casino for myself for a long time. Not only a large selection of games is important to me, but also the ability to quickly withdraw my winnings to the card. There is no problem with this here.

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Re: Do you play games online?

Post by Werner331 » Mon Aug 24, 2020 20:52

Yes, my experience in casino games - is 6 years. During this time, I have tried a lot of things. But most of all I enjoy playing at online casinos. Because you can really make good money on such games. And they will never be superfluous. Also now I want to try a new direction - virtual sports. If you are interested read this article ... al-sports/

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Re: Do you play games online?

Post by Turazenko » Wed Sep 09, 2020 22:28

thanks for sharing

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Re: Do you play games online?

Post by Jake_plein » Mon Dec 14, 2020 8:29

Hello everyone) I am with interesting information for you, once we all learned about the greatest CS game, and now the CSGO game comes out and the army of fans not only got stronger in spirit, but also found new fans of the game. CSGO is one of the most popular and favorite types of eSports where you can make money - by placing bets. You can use one of the coolest CSGO betting sites here , they will teach you strategies, help you make a hassle-free gaming experience! So find out which CSGO betting sites are the best before you start betting. They must be licensed, with a good selection of matches, with bonuses, etc. You can also learn more about the different ways to bet on CSGO. For example, some CSGO betting sites allow for in-game weapon bets. I recommend it to everyone and wish you good luck!

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Re: Do you play games online?

Post by invictusman » Wed Dec 16, 2020 7:32

I do play games only. Especially on steam haha

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Re: Do you play games online?

Post by Markos22 » Sun Dec 20, 2020 1:07

Hey, I don’t stay on one game too long, I don’t even always go through them to the end. I love the process itself, I get a real childish pleasure when I open a new set of pixels. I spend most of my free time on my hobby, but my financial situation has not deteriorated.That will contribute to education in the future. And I find these wonderful games here

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