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Soros unleashed

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 7:27
by GiHimp
Down the rabbit hole!

Soros, aka Schwartz György, of Jewish-Hungarian descent, Nazi collaborator (surprise!), dual citizenship, Rothschild friend, likes to speculate with others people money, is not a philanthropist, but a nation crusher and initiator of the so called colored revolutions. Likes to see civil causalities as collateral damage (reminds me of Madelaine Albright, aka Marie Jana Korbelová, Crypto-Jew, dual citizenship). - How nice. Here's Soros unleashed. His allies in the European Parliament:

The guide to the Soros network of destruction: ... asp?id=589

Re: Soros unleashed

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 22:07
by Ochnö
Whenever he forgets to see his psychiatrist, he posts such mischief.
Interestingly this time, as the lies of communists, dictators and Nazis are linked together.
GHimp you are such a sad figure.
You should really not read that much NAZI blogs,like "Discover the Networks"

GHimp is a fan of Drumpf and Soros an opponent of Drumpf, as well as from George W.

Https:// ... mp-claims/

It is also very bad, Soros has worked out his estate without inheritance himself and is at least 5 times richer than Drumpf :lol:

Re: Soros unleashed

Posted: Sat Mar 04, 2017 3:23
by GiHimp
Ochnö wrote: Soros has worked out his estate without inheritance himself
You never cease to amaze me with your naïve credulity.

Does Soros produce any merchandise in factories he owns? Did he invent something or does he hold any patents that grants him a torrent of royalties? Or does he offer a valuable service to society?

No, Soros produces absolutely nothing. Instead, he 'made' is fortune by borrowing other peoples money and invested it in derivatives with extraordinary leverage according to the tips he got from his pal Rothschild. That's not even a risky bet, it's a sure thing. He's the classic paradigm of a freeloader. Is that what you understand of working out?

Not that I'm a great admirer of Trump, but this guy at least builds something with the money he borrows. Soros on the other hand is doing what with the money he 'earned'? Undermining and topple governments, triggering colored revolutions which cause countless civil causalities as unavoidable collateral damage, and then betting 'his' money accordingly? Indeed, what an enviable philanthropist! And please, don't have the audacity telling me that's all not true. Soros flow of money is clearly retraceable. Digest some Wikileaks instead of MSM please.

You mention that Soros amassed five times as much material than Trump. Does that make Soros a more valuable member of society? If so, it's an interesting approach to value people but seems to fit your conception of the world.

You for sure have a strange understanding not only about those things. But I'm really not surprised. What the MSM feeds you, you excrete.

By the way. Do you get some reward for playing their lapdog and spreading well-directed disinformation or do you still revel in the Kindergarten? You can't be seriously thinking they will spare you when they start flattening the rest of us just because you have done them favors. - Well, someone never knows.

And please, skip your reply because I'm downright sure it will be full of unfounded accusations, superficial arguments (if any at all), abusive language and last but not least the suggestion to consult a psychologist. I'm right or not? You're so predictable, but the fun of it is, while you take the mickey out of yourself over and over again, I'll get my message across and I should thank you for that.

Re: Soros unleashed

Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 7:20
by frustrated
You certainly have gotten your message across, GiHimp. And the message is: "anti-semites are crazy."

Re: Soros unleashed

Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:31
by GiHimp
frustrated wrote:You certainly have gotten your message across, GiHimp. And the message is: "anti-semites are crazy."
You bet. May I attract your attention to the text "Neuro-hacking". Maybe that will sort things out.