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Internet Access Disruption in Turkey - July 2016

Posted: Sun Dec 25, 2016 12:24
by xg27
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With the attempted coup in Turkey, reports went out about social media being throttled and/or blocked. We analysed data about this that we collected with RIPE Atlas and the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI).

On 15 July, a coup was attempted in Turkey. We heard about social media being throttled and/or blocked, but much was unclear about what was actually going on. Here we present measurement data from various platforms that shared their data publicly.


In recent years, Turkey has had a history of selectively blocking Internet access. With operators sharing information, and using measurements from RIPE Atlas and OONI, monitoring the Internet access situation has become more transparent and open and we can better understand and share what’s actually going on, to the extent that we don’t cause harm for any of our users or the network operators involved. With OONI, users are specifically and explicitly measuring censorship, which is outside the scope of what RIPE Atlas can do; as such, we feel our network measurement infrastructures are complementary.

If users want to help detect censorship, they can help - after carefully assessing the risks involved - by installing ooniprobe.

The situation in Turkey is a bit special, because diametrically opposed to the practice of Internet blocking is the United Nations Human Rights Council’s resolution on the promotion, protection and enjoyment of human rights on the Internet, which condemns countries that intentionally disrupt citizens’ Internet access. Turkey was one of the six countries that took the initiative on the resolution.

Despite the extensive draconian measures taken by Mr. Erdogan's government against alleged plotters and supporters of the coup attempt no such measures against ISP's in Turkey are heard of, afaik.

Nor has any explaining declaration about these inet access irregularities been issued by Mr. Erdogan's government, again afaik.