The Climate Change Drum

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The Climate Change Drum

Post by xg27 » Sat May 05, 2018 9:45 ... a-43649814

Since the start of the industrial revolution, a startling 50 to 70 percent of carbon once stored in soil has already been released into the atmosphere.
This we call man-made desertification. It is caused by conventional agriculture and industry. And airborne CO2 is a side-effect of it.

Yet, we persistently ignore the possibility - in fact the very probability - that globally progressing man-made desertification leads towards a global steppe- or desert climate; as we all can observe. And then we would have to abandon the idea that CO2 is a or THE pollutant.

Now, do we ignore this due to lack of vision or due to [social] dictate?

"Persistently applied stupidity in time becomes malice."

--Bill Mollison--

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Re: The Climate Change Drum

Post by DanielRichards » Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:47

I definitely agree with you. I do not agree that everything will be empty because of the fact that we leave behind a bunch of different trash. rather, it will be a desert of plastic and metal or that in nature it decomposes for a long time

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Re: The Climate Change Drum

Post by ImNotYourFather » Mon Sep 24, 2018 13:49

By the way, about the plastic! At what temperature does it start to melt? Because when communicating with them. I feel like hot plastic. So they are skillful and hot! Make sure of yourself.

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