Interresting crypto-addons

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Interresting crypto-addons

Post by Urkal » Fri May 23, 2014 1:36

I have found 2 interesting crypto addon on

These addon are entended to encrypt messages, eg in email (symetric cryptography).

The problem, when you encrypt for example "the message has to be hidden", is that typically you get something like:


But so, everybody, every bot can easily detect this is an encrypted version of a secret message, meaning you have something to hide (-> meaning you are or are about to be guilty of something), and that may set a red flag on you.

On the other side, the addon Cryptfire can encrypt a message "as a text", meaning that the encrypted version of "the message has to be hidden" is something like:

Gentile, shots kopje should sloshing ligulate, smelt insurer. Inflict
karoo, snips racemism basement cowrie. Barkiest pinier dome rube.
Modally misteach fictile listings easily. ... made-easy/

Now, the encrypted message is not like an encrypted one, but seems more to be a message written in some foreign exotic language.

The problem with Cryptfire is that this addon seems abandonned, an for example, even with a more uptodate version one can find elsewhere on the internet, I can encrypt, but not decrypt.

I think nevertheless the concept of "encryption as text" is attracting enough for such a functionnality be implemented as a part of a future JonDoFox update.

PS: An other addon providing "envcryption in text", and much more uptodate, is Hide In Plain Sight: ... ain-sight/

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