Why using JonDonym – Benefits

Any communication on the Internet leaves all kinds of digital traces which can be automatically acquired, saved and analyzed. Some companies have thus specialized in creating individual user profiles from surfing related data. These databases are of high economic value since they allow an enterprise to comprehensively profile their costumers. This process is called data accumulation or data enhancement in data mining lingo.

There are many reasons why one should avoid leaving digital traces when surfing: part of the data collected advects into scoring systems which are used to evaluate loan requests, to create individually priced offers or to decide on eligibility for C.O.D. service. Employers may be generated a character profile of their job applicants from traces on the Net prior to hiring them. Freedom of opinion is limited by governments or institutions where they trace individual surfers that use or edit certain web services or deny them any usage at all. Companies may recognize employees of other businesses or even those of their competition and subsequently annoy them with promotional calls or email spam. Browser related data exposes vulnerabilities in the surfing machine. An hacker may subsequently contact the computer directly and attack it.

Further problematic is that these traces are collected, saved, sent and processed without your consent and most widely unnoticed. Decisions not being understandable by you may be based on this information.

Search engines and statistic-services are recording your surfing-behaviour

Search engines, like Google, Yahoo and MSN, are recording your IP-address and your queries for several months or even years. Companies concerned with statistical services or advertisement like Phorm, Doubleclick, Google Adwords or Google Analytics may record your IP-address or web sites visited by you as well. These services are distributed of millions of web sites and may be even used by your Internet provider.

Prohibiting free information

Besides direct Internet censorship, which is aimed at prohibiting access to specific web sites technically, there is a indirect censorship as well: the fear of suffering disadvantages just because one is consuming unpleasant contents.

No freedom of speech for blogger and activists

Blogging is a kind of "diary-journalism": Blogger are posting their experiences and views on the Internet in order to inform as much different people as possible of them. Many blogger are writing anonymously in order to avoid punishment, disadvantages at work or ostracism because of their freely expressed opinion.

Online-investigators are unmasked

The IP-address contains direct or indirect information regarding the own organization. But often online-investigators of the police have to mask themselves in order to get important information.