Terms and Conditions of JonDos GmbH

§1 Scope and Subject Terms
  1. Unless otherwise agreed, these Standard Terms and Conditions shall apply to each contract regulating the use of the software "JonDo" provided by JonDos and of the JonDos billing system.

  2. "JonDo" enables the customer to connect to JonDonym Mix services offered by various Mix operators. Thereby, the customer can pseudonymise his IP address against telemedia and can encrypt his data traffic. Using Mix services is subject to the terms and conditions of the respective service providers (hereinafter referred to as "Mix operators") and is thereby not covered by these Standard Terms and Conditions. JonDos itself has neither the technical ability to observe the customer’s data traffic on the Mixes of these operators, nor the authority to issue a directive for such an observation.

  3. The customer may create and hold one or more billing accounts in the JonDos billing system. He may use them to pay Mix operators for using their Mix services. The billing is done according to the data volume that the customer sends to or receives from the respective Mix services.

  4. JonDos expressly rejects the inclusion of any and all Standard Terms and Conditions of the customer, unless JonDos has, pursuant to sec. 126 of the German Civil Code ("BGB"), formally confirmed them in written form. The written form may thereby neither by replaced by a simple nor by a qualified electronic form. These Standard Terms and Conditions are exclusively valid even if JonDos performs its services unreserved in knowledge of conflicting Standard Terms and Conditions of the customer.

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