Advantages of premium services

With JonDonym you can choose between free services and the chargeable premium services. For premium services, you need a billing account with costs. The revenues achived thereby are used for extension and maintenance of the JonDonym system and for improving the JonDo software. Using premium services offers a lot of additional advantages to the basic features of JonDo:

  free services premium services
Speed 30-50 kBit/s more than 800 kBit/s
Available ports HTTP / HTTPS all*
Maximum number of users limited unlimited
Maximum file size for up- and downloads (HTTP) 2 MB unlimited
Number of different countries 2 2-3
Number of mixes (proxies) 2 3
Availability no guarantee 99%
SOCKS5 Support No Yes
* SMTP-Port 25 is blocked on all cascades because of spam misuses.

Excluded from these guarantees are software errors that are discharged from liability in the licence and General Terms and Conditions of the software maintainers. Further possible exclusions concerning a single service may be found in the GTCTs of the respective mix operators.

If you would like to use premium services, create a disposable account and activate it by an anonymous or non anonymous payment methods of your choice. After that you will have a certain amount of data volume at your disposal, depending on your chosen rate, to pay for premium services. Once it is depleted and you would like to use the JonDonym services any further, you can create and activate another disposable account any time.

Advice on protection of personal information: for accurate clearing of data volumes with the mix operators it is saved how much volume an account has used cumulatively on a mix cascade. Moreover, a statistical evaluation of the data volume transferred per account is done with daily accuracy. An allocation of accounts to user identities is not saved. It is technically impossible to recognize requested websites by the deducted data volumes alone, even if monitoring accurately to the second or at maximum accuracy.