Anonymous Surfing with JonDoBrowser

JonDoFox is a web browser that already includes the JonDo client and all necessarry anonymization functions. It is particularly optimized for anonymous and secure web surfing and is based on the Tor Browser.

Using the security controller in the JonDoBrowser menu (left top in the browser) you can control how strong the protection should be. Hint: The stronger the protection, the more usability restrictions might apply on web sites.

JonDoBrowser for WINDOWS (64 bit) (GPG signature)
(32 bit) (GPG signature)
JonDoBrowser for MacOS X (64 bit) (GPG signature)
JonDoBrowser for Linux and BSD (64 bit) (GPG signature)
(32 bit) (GPG signature)
All PGP signature files were created with the OpenPGP key 0x2B3CAA3E. You may download and
import the key file Software_JonDos_GmbH.asc -> or fetch it from a key server. Howto verify a signature ->.

Special settings

Using the about:config setting extensions.JonDo.automatic_shutdown you may tell JonDoBrowser to keep JonDo running after shutdown.

If you want to import certificates in the browser, you will have to make the following about:config setting: security.nocertdb : true That will cause the certificate to be permanently stored in the browser database. However, we do not recommend to import certificates, as this may endanger browser security and might lead to yourself being identified in some cases.

Known restrictions

JonDoBrowser is very new and will be under strong development within the next months. Therefore there are some minor problems, but we are working on them!

Sometimes JonDoBrowser falsely thinks to recognize that the control connection to JonDo is broken.This does not have any effects on security.

The JonDo mode cannot yet be run correctly from an USB flash device. The configuration file is stored on the computer, and an existing Java installation is needed. Temporary solution: You have to separately install and start JonDo in the portable version on the USB flash drive. NOTE that as long as JonDo is not started (!), you will get a proxy error in the browser instead of web pages.

It is currently not yet possible to register JonDoBrowser as the system default browser.

Linux: You have to manually install Java. Otherwise, JonDo will not start.