Anonymous Surfing with JonDoBrowser

JonDoBrowser is a modified Mozille Firefox. It will replace our JonDoFox profil in future. At the moment we offer a BETA version for testing.

Please report your recommendations and bugs in our forum or use the contact form.


DOWNLOAD (version: 0.14 , release date: 2014-03-25)

JonDoBrowser for WINDOWS (PGP signature)
MD5: 4f74164662dc37894801b315afda2f97
Install: Run the installer and afterwards you may start JonDoBrowser.
JonDoBrowser for MacOS (64 Bit) (PGP signature)
MD5: bd0f1cf772bf975a1ee24848faffbfc3
Install: Open the DMG file with a doubleclick
and drag & drop JonDoBrowser to a local folder.
Afterwards you may start JonDoBrowser by doubleclick.
JonDoBrowser for Debian, Ubuntu, Mint (i686) (PGP-Signatur)
MD5: 1a91bd11e69e36fb898749894842b341
JonDoBrowser for Debian, Ubuntu, Mint (amd64) (PGP-Signatur)
MD5: 2ef31a4f275277bccce61d8456678575

You may use our software repository for Debian, Ubuntu
and Linux Mint or install package by hand with: sudo dpkg -i jondobrowser-*.deb

JonDoBrowser for Linux (i686) (PGP signature)
MD5: fb5db4aa2cc941bf766e2ba632573703
JonDoBrowser for Linux (amd64) (PGP signature)
MD5: 76fb3be8e857ed2bfffc31f5c2cc6c5e
Install: Unpack the archive: > tar -xaf JonDoBrowser-*-de.tar.xz Start the browser inplace without installation: > ./
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