JonDo – the IP changer

You may use JonDonym for anonymous surfing, anonymous e-mail, chats and other purposes. JonDo, formerly JAP, is the ip changer proxy tool you have to install on your computer. It acts as a proxy and will forward the traffic of your internet applications multible encrypted to the mix cascades and so it will hide your ip address. It is a Java application, open source and you can download it for free. You may use JonDonym for free, but free mix cascades are restricted in some cases. Full speed and anonymisation features you will get only with a premium account.

JonDo will provide an anonymisation proxy for you, but it does NOT change your system setting. You have to configure the proxy setting of each internet application you want to use anonymous with JonDonym by self. Tutorials you may find in our online help and in our wiki. For anonymous web surfing our preconfigured Firefox profil JonDoFox is highly recommended.


DOWNLOAD (version 00.20.001, release date: 2016-12-18)

JonDo for WINDOWS (PGP signature)
(also "for take-away", compatible with PortableApps)
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JonDo for MacOS (PGP signature) How to install ->
JonDo for Linux and BSD (PGP signature) How to install ->
JonDo for Debian, Ubuntu, Mint (PGP signature) How to install ->.
RPM packages for OpenSUSE -> are maintained
independent of JonDos GmbH (currently by nemysis - Rusmir Duško).
JAP.jar (PGP signature) How to install ->.
All PGP signature files were created with the OpenPGP key 0x2B3CAA3E. You may download and
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