JonDo Live-DVD

Jondo Live-DVD offers a secure, pre-configured environment for anonymous surfing and more. It is based on Debian GNU/Linux. The live system contains proxy clients for JonDonym, Tor Onion Router and Mixmaster remailer. JonDoFox is a pre-configured browser for anonymous web surfing and TorBrowser is installed too. Thunderbird for e-mails, Pidgin for anonymous instant messaging and chats, Parole media player, MAT for cleaning documents and more application, TorChat,, GIMP, Wuala, Calibre for eBooks and some other tools. Have a look at the tutorial Howto use the JonDo live-dvd.


DOWNLOAD (version: 0.9.77, release date: 2015-04-10)

JonDo Live-DVD (1.1 GB) (OpenPGP signature)
SHA256: 93d64fd9c8019b312de1640dc852d780d44ac37133ed47091d9924a8a1340373


desktop of the live-cd