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Neither this help nor JonDo's built-in assistant (a button in the main window) were able to solve your problem?

If so, then first of all please read the FAQ in our Wiki.

You could not find the answer to your question in the FAQ either?

You have several possibilities to ask others about your problem. But be sure to provide as much of the following information as you can for otherwise you might not get a satisfying answer or even no answer at all:

In many cases, this information may be important also: If you are able to provide them, also the following information may be useful in solving your problem: It is an advantage to provide concrete and detailed information, so that you can be given the best support possible.

You may post questions, suggestions or criticism to the

JonDonym User Support Forum

or alternatively to the old

AN.ON User Support Forum (search function)

where you will most likely be helped quickly. Be sure to use the forum search function before starting a new thread. Most of the questions have already been answered. If this is not the case for your questions, please use a meaningful subject for your posting and not something like "Problems!". Please help other users (and us) by answering questions in the forum too, if possible.

If your problem could not be solved by other users, you should directly contact us via email:


Answering questions will take a certain amount of time, so please be patient.

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