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Using POND

The JonDo live-dvd contains POND for anonymous, asynchronous text messages.

If you don't use the firewall configuration "Restricted Firewall (Tor only)" you have to the Tor daemon first with "Vidalia (Tor GUI)" or as a service (see anonymisation services).

At POND startup you can create a new POND configuration file or open your existing POND config. The configuration file is encrypted and contains your identity keys, your contacts and messages. It is recommeded to save the configuration on an (encrypted) USB stick. Otherwise you have to restart with an empty configuration after reboot and you will lost all contacts and messages.

Nw POND file

If a new configuration was choosen, POND will create a new identity. You have to enter a passphrase for encryption of the configuration file and afterwards you have to choose a POND server. If you did not operate an own Tor hidden POND server you may take the default server with ENTER.

To send messages to other POND users you have to exchange your keys first. It is not possible to contact other POND users without key exchange! For an example Anton wants to contact Beatrice. Both persons may exchange a secret passphrase by in-person meeting or Anton may create a random passphrase (shared secret) and send it over a secure channel to Beatrice (by encrypted email, OTR-encrypted Jabber....).

You can choose <name> as you want, it is only an visual identifier for your private addressbook.

Neue POND Datei erstellen

The "shared secret" has to be sent to Beatrice and she has to add a new contact too. She has to enter exactly the shared secret and the key exchange will be done within a minute (if both partners are online, otherwise it will take some more time).

You may use the "Compose" button to write a new message.

Neue POND Datei erstellen

With a click on "Send" button the message is moved to the outbox but NOT send to the recipient. You have to press the button "Transact now" in the outbox or in the activity log to deliver all messages from your outbox the the recipients.


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