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Manage your Bitcoins anonymous

You may use the Bitcoin client Electrum to manage your Bitcoin transactions anonymous. Electrum is able to recover your wallet from a secret phrase that you can write on paper or learn by heart. There is no waiting time when you start the client, because it does not download the Bitcoin blockchain. Private keys are never sent to the server. It protects you from losing coins on a hacked Bitcoin marktplace or by computer failure.

Because Electrum does not need heavy data traffic, it is possible to use JonDo or Tor to stay anonymous. If you start the programm, you will be asked about the anonymisation service you want to use. You have to start JonDo and choose a premium mix cascade before you run Electrum or you have to start Tor with Vidalia. Additional you can use a off-line wallet for security purposes.

Electrum Start

Afterwards you may choose an existing wallet from USB stick or create a new one. A new created wallet can recover an old one too. You only have to enter the seed (a passphrase with 12 words, see below). In this case your wallet is restored from the blockchain.

create a new wallet

You can protect a new wallet additionally with a second passphrase. For wallets with two factor authentification the service TrustedCoin is used. TrustedCoin has to sign each transaction and you have to use FreeOTP for authentification at TrustedCoin.

protect your wallet with a password

If a new wallet was created Electrum will display the seed. Keep the 12 words safe like a password or write it down on paper or learn it by heart to recover the wallet after reboot of the live-cd.

seed display

The GUI of Electrum is easy to use. The main contains five tabs with the list of your transactions, a formular to send Bitcoins and your addresses to recieve Bitcoins.

Electrum main window

Hint: If you did not safe the seed at start time you may click the second button from right side in the status bar to see it again.


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