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Anti censorship service

This panel is only available in the Extended View. To get to this panel, press the button Config in JonDo's main window, then choose the entry Anti Censorship from the list to the left.

A anti censorship service is used to bypass any blocking of access to JonDo services. Because of censorship or other restrictive measures, other users may not be allowed to connect directly to the anonymization service. This is why JonDo includes the possibility of forwarding connections to the services. If you would like your JonDo to forward connections and help other users, you can find the relevant settings in this window.

After activating forwarding, every JonDonym user can use your JonDo as an access point to the services. While you are well protected from discovery of your own IP address by the anonymization services, you are exposing yourself to the risk of other users committing crimes on the Internet through your JonDo.

Anti censorship service settings

Supported services

This section allows for basically two settings. Either you allow all forwarded clients to access all JonDo services known (Allow client access to all available services is checked), or you only allow access to certain services. Service access is set with the buttons Add to allowed services and Remove from allowed services. Access is allowed only to services found in the Allowed services list.

Hint: In neither case, other users may benefit from your Premium credits. Users relying on the anti censorship service in order to connect to Premium services have to have their own payment accounts.

InfoService registration

For JonDo users to find your JonDo forwarding server, your JonDo must be registered as a forwarder with at least one InfoService. You can register with all InfoServices or only certain ones. The procedure is basically the same as above.

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