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Circumvent blocking of JonDonym with Skype

In many countries which block anonymization services using Skype is possible, though. Hence, you may use Skype to tunnel the blocking of JonDonym. The Skype forwarders usually offer a higher speed and are more stable than the TCP/IP forwarders.

  1. Install the Skype software, create an account and log into the Skype network.

  2. Then, start JonDo and open the settings dialog. On the panel "Network" activate the option "Connect to other JAP/JonDo users in order to reach a service" and choose the forwarder type "Skype" in the drop-down box next to it.

  3. The JonDo proxy client is now connecting to a Skype forwarder and you have to allow the access to the API by "jap" in your Skype client.

    Allowing API access
  4. JonDo thereafter retrieves as list of available services and you may choose a mix cascade out of it.

    Retrieving services

    Please note: Mix cascades with 3 mixes are premium services. If you don't have a premium account, you can use only free mix cascades with 2 mixes. Free mix cascades are limited in some cases.

    Choosing a cascade

    This selection cannot get changed while you are connected to a mix cascade. If you want to use an other cascade, select "Off" as anonymity mode on JonDo's main panel, change the cascade and set it back to "On".


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