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How to anonymize Flash applets

By default Flash and Java applets are deactivated in JonDoFox for security and privacy reasons. It is possible for Flash and Java applets to circumvent browser proxy settings and offer the possibility of tracking by browser fingerprinting.

If you want to see a Flash video you may download it with VideoDownloadHelper and watch it with media player. It is not required to enable Flash for this purpose.

To increase your anonymity if you really have to enable Flash applets, you may save the configuration file mms.cfg in the following directories:

The configuration file mms.cfg contains the following proposed settings:

  1. Disable socket connections to avoid circumvention of proxy settings and deanonymisation: DisableSockets=1

  2. Disable spekers, microfon and enumeration of installed fonts to reduce the quality of browser fingerprinting: AVHardwareDisable=1

  3. Blocking cookies and third party content to avoid tracking: ThirdPartyStorage=0

  4. Disable up- and downloads of files by srcipting API: FileDownloadDisable=1

  5. Enforcing of exact domain matching for SWF files in the same sandbox: LegacyDomainMatching=0

    1. If you were testing the configuration with our anonymity test you will see: it is NOT perfect. It is possible for Flash applets to read your screen size, your operating system and kernel version. This may be used for browser fingerprinting.

      Flash Applets anonymisiert

      Flash is a risk for your anonymity, even with the proposed configuration above.

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