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Proxy settings: Safari

JonDos recommends the preconfigured, portable JonDoFox for secure anonymous web browsing. It is available as a Firefox profile for all operating systems.

If you prefer to configure Safari, do the following:

Proxy settings cannot be entered directly in the standard Mac OS X browser, Safari. Instead, the proxy must be changed in the network system settings. The following describes how to set up a new network location in order to provide simple switching between JonDo and standard, non-anonymous browsing.

To set up JonDo for Safari, do the following steps:

1.) Choose the apple from the menu bar, then "System Preferences".

2.) In the window that appears, click on "Network" in the "Internet & Network" group.

3.) Now, in the "Location" field, click on "Edit Locations...".

4.) Choose the location with which you usually connect to the Internet. In this example, the location is called "DSL". Click on "Copy". Rename this new copy so that you can recognize it later. In this example, the renamed location is called "DSL (JAP)". Then click on "Finished".

5.) Now choose the location you just created. In the field "Show", choose the network device with which you make the connection to the Internet. In the example, it's called "Ethernet (integriert)".

Now click on "Proxies". In the list "Choose a proxy server", check the boxes for "FTP Proxy", "Web Proxy", and "Secure Web Proxy". Each time you check one of these boxes, enter "localhost" and "4001" into the fields on the right side.

Finally, enter "localhost" and "" into the text box below "Do not use proxy settings for the following hosts and domains".

When you've finished entering these settings, click on "Activate now" to change to the newly created location and use JonDo as a proxy in Safari.

In case you want to specify addresses where JonDo shall not be used, you can enter them in the lower left field.

Note: If you set a different listen port in JonDo, you'll have to enter this port here too, rather than "4001".
If you no longer want to use JonDo, you can change to the old network location using the apple menu as previously described.

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