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Proxy settings: Internet Explorer

JonDos suggests the preconfigured, portable JonDoFox for secure anonymous web browsing. The Internet Explorer, however, is hardly configurable regarding anonymity, allows for basically no HTTP header adjustments and comes with a crippled, inflexible and user-unfriendly active content control. If you care about privacy we strongly discourage you from using IE.

To set up JonDo for Internet Explorer nevertheless, do the following:

1) From the menu "Tools", choose the submenu "Internet Options...". The settings window opens.

2) Choose the "Connections" tab.

3.1) Modem or ISDN: If you use a modem to connect to the Internet, first choose your Internet connection under the "Dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings" section. Then click on the "Settings..." button.
3.2) DSL, cable, or some other type of direct Internet connection: Click the "LAN Settings..." button under the Local Area Network (LAN) settings section.

4) In the window opened, select the checkbox "Use a proxy server for this connection" (or "Use a proxy server for your LAN") and enter "" as the proxy server and "4001" as the port.

If you want to specify addresses where JonDo shall not be used, click Advanced and enter those exceptions into the field Exceptions, separated by semicolons.
Note: If you set a different listen port in JonDo, you'll have to enter this port here too, instead of "4001".

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