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JonDo's features

The proxy program JonDo is an ip changer. It hides your IP address and encrypt your data traffic. This means that neither the contacted server, nor any eavesdropper on your connections, nor the operators of the JonDonym service themselves can realize which webservice you use. Basically all programs for which you can configure a HTTP proxy can used together with JonDo.

Please note: free services can only contact destination ports 80 and 443, which are used for the HTTP and HTTPS protocol. You can use these services only for web browsing and ftp downloads. All other web services you can use only with premium services.

The usage of premium services with SOCKS proxies moreover allows for an additional anonymization of the following applications:

It is possible, with the help of "proxifier" tools (e.g. proxychains for Linux or ProxyCap for Windows and MacOS), to use applications via JonDonym which are not capable of proxy support by themselves. E.g:

What is JonDo?

What is JonDo not?


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