More Data Protection Tools

The following tools are not developed by JonDos GmbH. We do not offer support for this tools. In case of problems please contact the developer.

Proxyfier for Windows and MacOS

If your internet application does not support any proxy settings, you may use Proxyfier It is a program that allows network applications and Flash players that do not support working through proxy servers to operate through a HTTP or SOCKS proxy server like JonDo or a chain of proxy servers. You may test it for free for 31 days, afterwards you have to buy a license key. Proxyfier is not freeware.


Alternatively you may use ProxyCap. It redirects the traffic of Flash player, Java applets and other internet applications to JonDonym. You can download ProxyCap from The websites offers a free 30-day trial version. If you like the tool you can buy a licence key. We offer a tutorial for using ProxyCap with JonDonym in our online help.

MAXA Cookie Manager

MAXA Cookie Manager is the first and only cookie manager that can manage all cookies (Flash, Siverlight and browser cookies) regardless of what type they are or who they are from. Cookies can be evaluated, keeping the good ones and blocking the bad ones from ever setting foot on your computer. This way, MAXA Cookie Manager combines Privacy with Productivity when you surf the net.

Download MAXA Cookie Manager Standard for free now. You will be astonished how many Cookies have accumulated: Download MAXA Cookie Manager

MAXA Crypt Portable

MAXA Crypt Portable allows anyone to easily encrypt files, directory trees and texts using the 256-bit Rijndael algorithm. The program is under 500 KB of size and can be run on any Windows PC (or Linux, if using Wine). Since this is a stand-alone application, no installation is necessary, making this the ideal application to take with you everywhere, on your USB stick.

Download: MAXA Crypt Portable

MAXA Key Exchanger

MAXA Key Exchanger offers an easy way to exchange a secure key over unsecure connections like email or instant messaging. It uses Diffie-Hellman key exchange that allows two parties that do not know each other to jointly establish a shared, secret key for symmetric encryption. More information in the whitepaper (PDF).

Download: MAXA Key Exchanger (for WINDOWS Vista and newer)