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Affiliate Program for JonDonym

You may support JonDonym as an affiliate and earn money thereby: Just forward your website's visitors to JonDonym. In return you get a commission based on the payment of new customers coming via your website to us. JonDonym has several advantages compared to other anonymization systems and furthermore a high customer satisfaction which grants you good revenues if properly displayed on your sites.

If you are already an affiliate of web(site) proxy services, please also note the hints on our IP-Check page. Also providers of proxies, web proxies and VPNs are very welcome in our affiliate program.


Model Pay per Sale, customer lifetime
Bonus: Pay per Lead*
Commission 10% on the gross price**
Bonus: 0.25 Euro per Lead*
Run time Initial purchase and all follow-ups
Minimum amount for payout 30.00 EUR
Date for payout First day of every month
Payout method PayPal
*  We offer this bonus for a limited time.
** Up to 7,50 EUR commission per sale and customer (refer to rates).

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(You need to allow cookies for

Application as an Affiliate

In case your website has a large attendance you may apply for the affiliate program of JonDonym, both as a company and as a private person:

  1. Register an account for our affiliate program on Please note: you need to allow cookies for

  2. Enter your PayPal address as affiliate e-mail address during registration. If you do not have a PayPal account yet, please sign up for one.

  3. Provide proper evidence that you are the owner of your website. For that purpose it is sufficient that you write your affiliate ID somewhere in your site's HTML code. You get your affiliate ID right after registration.

  4. If you got accepted as an affiliate you may choose the banners for your website in "View Your Banner Page" in the menu point "My Merchant". There are banners as an image and as pure text. Please, choose the banners in the proper language for your website.

  5. Now, you may place the banners on any position on as much websites as you want.

  6. Optional: If you like, you may additionally embed our IP-Check image on your website. (Instructions)

  7. Hint: Posting your affiliate links on websites of JonDonym (forum, wiki, blog...) is prohibited and may lead to blocking your affiliate account.

  8. After you have finished all these preparations, please send us a notice so that we can check if your implementation is working correctly.

How Does it Work?

The potential customers are forwarded to the websites of JonDonym by the banner and text links embedded in your website. After entering a valid e-mail address, such a customer gets a free code for the JonDonym Premium services which is bound to your affiliate account. On later payments, the customer will automatically be related to you as an affiliate and you will get your commission. This is even the case if the actual purchase happens weeks later after getting the free code. As the customers do not need to enter further data besides their e-mail address, not even a password, the inhibition threshold to register is very low. We already get up to 100 registrations per day. Therefore, the chances for you as an affiliate to get customers immediately are in fact very high.

Bonus offer (pay-per-lead): For every customer that you have forwarded to us, and who, as described, registers for a free code and redeems this code, we additionally pay 0.25 Euro to you.

Data Protection

The users of JonDonym are all very privacy aware. Thus, you as an affiliate won't get any information about the customers. The external affiliate service provider "" does not get any information about JonDonym users, either. The service provider and you only get the information that a payment arrived and the amount of the respective payment. There is explicitly no tracking of single customers beyond cookies, especially no storage of IP addresses of customers is done. Hence, there is NO commission for customers that enforce an anoymization of their payment activities explicitly. But this only affects the least amount of customers (< 5%).

  1. If a user requests a free coupon code from an affiliate link, which moreover requires entering his/her e-mail address, the affiliate attribute will be stored together with the hash value of his/her e-mail address. Additionally, a session cookie will be set in the visiting browser, as far as the user has allowed cookies. Moreover, the affiliate attribute will be linked to the issued coupon code, so that also follow-up pruchases may get assigned to the respective affiliate.
  2. When redeeming the coupon code, the affiliate attribute will be stored in the user's local configuration file. Moreover, it will have a fixed connection to the user's account, and will additionally be sent to the payment instance on every new purchase.
  3. All users that have come to JonDonym over the very same affiliate will use the same affiliate attribute. This will prevent the tracking of individual users.
  4. If the customer enforces an anonymous connection to the payment instance in his/her JonDo program, no affiliate attribute will be sent.