EU data rentention is useless

The Federal Criminal Police Office has published the crime statistics for the year 2009. As the EU data retention law was in force during the whole year 2009 in Germany, we can check the success rate of this data retention (DR) for preventing crimes and solving cases by comparison to former statistics:

(without DR)
(without DR)
(with DR)
total number of crimes 6.284.661 6.114.128 6.054.330
solved (total) 55.0% 54.8% 55.6%
Internet related crimes 179.026 167.451 206.909
solved (Internet) 82.9% 79.8% 75.7%
The rate of solved Internet related crimes is much higher than the rate of solved crimes in general, even without the data retention. Further, the data retention does not prevent crimes and does not increase the rate of solved crimes related to the Internet. Therefore: we do not need that data retention!


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