Freebeer and Goose will move to Germany

Tuesday, July 26. 2016
The mix servers "Freebeer" and "Groose" will move/moved from UbiquityServers/LeaseWeb in the US to Hetzner/DE. Both mix cascades will receive a new entry IP address because of this.

Two mix server moved to a new datacenter

Saturday, March 1. 2014

The mix servers "Fondue" and "Grolsch" moved from LeaseWeb to SnelServer. The mix cascade "Fondue-Montesquieu-UranusGB" got a new entry IP address because of this.

New Mix Operator

Thursday, August 29. 2013

We added 3620Systems, LLC to our list of verified mix operators. 3620Systems is located in Rochester, NY (USA). At the moment a test cascade with a first mix is running together with JonDos GmbH.

Small statement of M. Israel (CEO of 3620Systems, LLC) about his intention to join JonDonym:

Politically I follow the Pirate Party and hold the stance that information should be free, and I support the efforts of Wikileaks to make sure that information remains free.

In the last time some user of JonDonym recommended the exclusion of all US and British mix operators because of the PRISM leak of E. Snowden. We don't follow this opinion.

E. Snowden published documents about one espionage complex. The NSA in partnership with GCHQ, DSD, CSEC, GCSB and associated partners like German BND are the largest known espionage complex of the world. But there other intelligence services with vast espionage activities like FRA (Sweden), SSSI (Russia), Mossad (Israel) and more.

We can't see a border between "bad" and "good" nations but only between spying agencies and privacy activists. We don't have any reason to distrust our mix operators.

Maintenance Window for two Mix Servers

Thursday, June 27. 2013

The data center where the two mix servers "FreeBeer" and "Goose" (both operated by L. Pimenidis) are hosted will be migrating to a new place, hence the two mix servers are scheduled to be transferred either June 27th 6am CEST or June 28th 6 am CEST. The free mix cascade "FreeBeer-Bolzano" and the premium mix cascade "Locke-Goose-Pluto" will be down for this time.

We're sorry for any inconvenience.

Speedpartner mix servers

Saturday, May 4. 2013

SpeedPartner GmbH will perform unscheduled maintenance on the hardware running mix servers lilie/nelke/tulpe today. Please expect a downtime of about 15 minutes and reduced performance while raid disks are rebuilding afterwards.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

Availability of free services currently low

Friday, April 19. 2013

Because of technical problems at TU Dresden all services provided by AN.ON for JonDonym have temporarily stopped working. Free services of JonDonym are currently low. We're sorry for any inconvenience.

AnonJabber Closed

Wednesday, March 13. 2013

Dear customers,

due to low usage, we decide to discontinued the AnonJabber service.

Related Domains:

We apologize for closing the service.

Best regards,

Mix Rousseau has been moved to Frankfurt/M

Wednesday, March 21. 2012
Our german Mix Rousseau has been moved from Cologne/Germany to Frankfurt/Germany. It is now located at the Databurg Tier 3 facility (since January 2012 that DC belongs to TELEHOUSE) near the Frankfurt/M city centre. That measure supports our effort to provide even more stable cascades within the anonymous proxy server network. Have fun and please excuse any inconvenience.

Mix Hermes relocated to Kiev/Ukraine

Tuesday, September 6. 2011

Dear Customers,

since today the Hermes-Grolsch-Transformer Cascade has been reconfigured. It's entry mix has been moved from Prague/CZ to Kiev/UA. Therewith that Cascade is now setup as follows:

  • Mix 1: Hermes
    Location:   Kiev / Ukraine
    Operator: Behrens

  • Mix 2: Grolsch
    Location:   Amsterdam / Netherlands
    Operator: Pimenidis IT Consulting

  • Mix 3: Transformer
    Location:   Scotland / United Kingdom
    Operator: Yatrade Ltd.

With that we support efforts to strengthen the network through providing more mixes outside the European Union. Currently only the minority of 33 premium mixes are located outside the EU: four in Switzerland, two in the US, one at a time in Canada and the Ukraine.


Vancouver - Maintenance

Monday, April 4. 2011

Dear Customers,

there is an urgend maintenance on our Vancouver servers. The cascades below are affected by this work.


Downtime is planned for today between 03:00pm and 08:00pm CET.


Update: Maintenance finished, cascade is back in service.

Amsterdam - Planned Maintenance

Tuesday, December 28. 2010

Dear Customers,

there is an planned maintenance on our Amsterdam servers. The cascades below are affected by this work.

  • Neptun-Wombats-Shamrock
  • Koala-SpeedPartner-Titan

Downtime is planned for 29.12.2010 between 11:00am and 15:00pm CET.


OpenSSL vulnerability

Tuesday, November 23. 2010
There is new OpenSSL advisory (thanks Martin) so every mix should update...

Kepler-Benda-Qantas and Hermes-Grolsch-backupsol have been updated and restarted!

Cascade Reconfiguration

Wednesday, November 17. 2010
Dear Users,

since the JonDonym Network had many Cascades which were spanned over only two countries, two of them have just been reconfigured to improve anonymity. Therefore we formed one new six and another five country cascade. Those new cascades are set up as follows:

Cascade Kepler-Benda-Qantas:

Mix 1: Kepler
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
Operator: United Kingdom

Mix 2: Benda
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Operator: Germany

Mix 3: Qantas
Location: Luxembourg / Luxembourg
Operator: Bulgaria

Cascade Hermes-Grolsch-backupsol:

Mix 1: Hermes
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
Operator: Germany

Mix 2: Grolsch
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Operator: Germany

Mix 3: backupsol
Location: Scotland / United Kingdom
Operator: Backup Solutions

Have fun! :-)

Qantas mix moved to Luxemburg

Sunday, November 14. 2010
Hi to all, The Qantas exit mix is moved from Romania to Luxemburg thus greatly improving speed and lowering latency (more than 5 times) Certificates will shod correct location on Tuesday... Best speed!

DNSSEC - the first to implement

Friday, November 12. 2010
Hi to all, I am happy to announce that our mixes are the first to implement successfully the DNSSEC standart as proposed by JonDos. Soon all the operators will provide more secure dns service for the users.. Enjoy :-)