Freebeer and Goose will move to Germany

Tuesday, July 26. 2016
The mix servers "Freebeer" and "Groose" will move/moved from UbiquityServers/LeaseWeb in the US to Hetzner/DE. Both mix cascades will receive a new entry IP address because of this.

Two mix server moved to a new datacenter

Saturday, March 1. 2014

The mix servers "Fondue" and "Grolsch" moved from LeaseWeb to SnelServer. The mix cascade "Fondue-Montesquieu-UranusGB" got a new entry IP address because of this.

FreeBeer-Bolzano is back online

Tuesday, May 25. 2010
Thanks for your patience.

Downtime FreeBeer-Bolzano

Monday, May 24. 2010
The free cascade FreeBeer-Bolzano seems to be down since about 2010/05/22 4pm. We're investigating the issue and try to bring it back as soon as possible.

We're sorry any inconvence.